Louisiana is full of rich history, iconic cities like New Orleans and Baton Rouge, one-of-a-kind Cajun cuisine, and the Bayou region – all reasons why you may be considering moving to the state. If you’re considering buying a home in Louisiana, you’re sure to find a wide-ranging selection of home styles and architectural details unique to this region.

To help you find the right Louisiana style home that fits your needs, Redfin has compiled a list of 12 home styles common throughout the state of Louisiana. Whether you’re looking for a home in New Orleans or in a quaint parish, there are plenty of options that evoke that Louisiana style. While home styles will vary from city to city, these are some of the more common home styles in Louisiana. Let’s check them out.

1) Acadian

Acadian style homes are a true representation of the Louisiana style home. Influenced by French and Canadian styles, these houses feature steeply pitched roofs with dormer windows, and large covered porches or galleries, often wrapping around the house. Acadian homes often have raised foundations to help protect from flooding, and the exteriors have shutters and decorative brackets. Interiors often have high ceilings with exposed wood beams, and are designed for open, airy living in the hot and humid Louisiana climate.

2) Colonial

Colonial homes are one of the oldest home styles in the US, dating back to the early 1600s. As a result, there are numerous variations of Colonial homes in different architectural styles. Despite the variations, these homes share common features – a two-story design, steep gable or gambrel roof, and centrally-located fireplace or two fireplaces on either side of the home. Additionally, the exteriors of Colonial homes are often constructed with stone, wood, or brick and have symmetrical windows on each level. Formal living and dining rooms are typically located on the main floor, while bedrooms are found on the second floor.

3) Contemporary

If you’re looking for a home in Louisiana that’s both stylish and functional, a contemporary home may be just what you need. These homes feature sleek and modern designs, with a focus on clean lines and simplicity. You’ll find plenty of natural light and open space, with a mix of materials like concrete, steel, and glass, making it a great choice no matter what city you’re looking to buy a home in.

4) Cottage

Cottages are a charming home style, regardless of where you’re looking for a home in Louisiana. These homes have steeply-pitched gable roofs, shingled, stone, or brick accented exteriors, arched front door and porch area. Many cottages have an asymmetrical floor plan, meaning the layout is different on each side of the home. However, you’re likely to find one or two bedrooms and bathrooms and an open floor plan. There are many cozy details throughout the home like fireplaces, exposed brick walls, and wood beams.

5) Craftsman

Louisiana-style Craftsman homes have a distinct and charming look, with their low-pitched roofs, deep front porches, and tapered columns. You’ll find a mix of materials like stone, brick, and wood, adding to their rustic appeal. Inside, you’ll find features like built-in cabinetry, cozy fireplaces, and exposed beams, giving the home a warm and inviting feel. Craftsman homes have a great blend of classic and rustic design elements.

6) Farmhouse

Farmhouses are a timeless Louisiana home style that have gained popularity in the present day. Originally designed for working farms, farmhouses now come in various sizes and styles, suitable for both urban and rural areas. They often have open concept living areas with large kitchens, perfect for entertaining guests. The exteriors typically feature wraparound porches, board and batten siding, and gabled roofs. The interior is designed with practicality in mind, incorporating lots of storage and classic wooden details.

7) French country

French country style homes have an effortless and rustic look to them, with their stone and stucco exteriors, tall windows and sloped roof, front porch perfect for enjoying the outdoors, and shuttered windows to keep your Louisiana home cool. Indoors you’ll find French doors, wood details like exposed beams and flooring, soft lines, and soft colors like white, yellow, and blue.

8) Mid-century modern

Mid-century modern homes, a style that emerged in the 1940s to 1960s, have a timeless appeal even in Louisiana. These homes often feature a combination of natural materials, a functional and uncluttered design, and geometric shapes. Most mid-century modern homes in Louisiana are single-story or split-level with large windows, sliding doors to maximize indoor-outdoor living, and neutral tones.

9) New construction

New construction homes in Louisiana often feature a blend of traditional and modern design elements, with an emphasis on energy efficiency and hurricane resistance. Common features include open floor plans, high ceilings, large windows, and outdoor living spaces such as porches and decks. Modern amenities such as smart home technology, energy-efficient appliances, and sustainable materials are also frequently incorporated. In areas at risk of flooding, homes may have raised foundations and other flood-resistant construction.

10) Ranch

Ranch homes, aka rambler style homes, are characterized by their low, horizontal profile and wide front porch. They often feature a simple, rectangular shape with a low-pitched roof and a minimalistic design. Louisiana style ranch homes may have a brick or stucco exterior and often incorporate large windows and sliding glass doors to provide plenty of natural light. Interiors may feature an open floor plan, with a central living area that flows into a dining room and kitchen.

11) Shotgun

Shotgun houses are a unique style of home you can find throughout the South and Louisiana, particularly in New Orleans. These homes are long and narrow, typically only one room wide and several rooms deep, with no hallways. The name “shotgun” comes from the idea that if you stood at the front door and fired a shotgun, the bullet would pass straight through and out the back door. The rooms in shotgun houses are often arranged in a linear fashion, with one room leading directly into the next. 

They typically have high ceilings, tall doors, and large windows to help keep the interior cool in the hot and humid Louisiana climate. Many shotgun houses have front porches or galleries that run the length of the house, providing a shaded outdoor space. Although small in size, shotgun houses are beloved for their unique architectural style and cultural significance in Louisiana.

12) Victorian

In Louisiana, Victorian homes are quite common, particularly in New Orleans. The homes’ architecture is characterized by ornate details and decorative elements such as stained glass windows, gingerbread trim, and turrets. The Creole cottage, a type of Victorian style Louisiana home, is a particularly popular style throughout the state. You’ll find steeply-pitched roofs, shuttered windows, and wrought iron details. The Queen Anne Victorian home is also prevalent throughout Louisiana, featuring asymmetrical facades, wrap-around porches, and vibrant colors.

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