Are you tired of the hustle and bustle of big city living? Are you seeking a change of pace and a community that values a high quality of life? Look no further than Visalia, CA. Nestled in the heart of the San Joaquin Valley, this charming city boasts a plethora of reasons why it should be your next home. From its beautiful weather to its growing job market and vibrant community, Visalia offers the perfect blend of small-town charm and big-city amenities. 

So maybe you’re already looking at apartments for rent in Visalia or perhaps you’re still considering if you should buy a house in the city. Either way, Redfin is here to help. Here are 6 reasons to move to Visalia and why you’ll love it.  

1. Affordable cost of living

One of the most significant benefits of living in Visalia is the affordable cost of living. Compared to other cities in California, the cost of housing, food, and other essentials is much lower. The cost of housing in Visalia is particularly affordable, with a median home price of around $365,000. This is significantly lower than the median home price in other California cities like San Francisco and Los Angeles.

In addition to affordable housing, Visalia also has a lower cost of food and transportation. Groceries and restaurant meals are generally less expensive in Visalia than in other California cities, making it easier to stretch your dollar further. Gas prices in Visalia are also generally lower than the national average, which can help you save money on transportation costs.

2. Perfect climate for outdoor living 

Visalia’s beautiful weather is one of the city’s most appealing features and reasons to move to Visalia. With an average of 275 sunny days per year, residents can enjoy a plethora of outdoor activities throughout the year. During the summer, temperatures typically range from the mid-80s to low 90s Fahrenheit. In the winter, the temperature in Visalia is usually mild, with daytime temperatures in the mid-50s to low 60s Fahrenheit. Although there is occasional rainfall, it is not typically severe and can actually help to keep the city’s natural landscapes lush and green.

3. The vibrant and diverse Visalia community

Visalia’s welcoming community is known for its strong sense of community and neighborliness. Whether you’re new to the area or a long-time resident, you’ll feel right at home in Visalia.

One of the best things about Visalia’s community is the numerous community events and activities that take place throughout the year. The city hosts a weekly farmers market where locals can purchase fresh produce, meats, and cheeses from local farmers and artisans. The city is also home to numerous festivals and events, such as the Visalia Craft Beer Festival and the Visalia Greek Festival, which celebrate the city’s diverse culture and bring the community together.

4. Visalia’s education scene

For families with children or those planning to have kids Visalia is an excellent place to live, thanks to its exceptional schools. The Visalia Unified School District is the largest school district in Tulare County and serves over 30,000 students from pre-kindergarten through 12th grade. 

In addition to the Visalia Unified School District, there are also private schools available in the city. These schools offer an alternative to public education and often have smaller class sizes and specialized programs. Some of the private schools in Visalia include the Central Valley Christian School, St. Paul’s School, and the Sequoia Christian Academy.

5. The natural beauty of Visalia

Visalia is a paradise for outdoor enthusiasts, located close to breathtaking natural attractions like the Sierra Nevada Mountains, Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. Hiking is a popular activity with trails like the Mineral King Loop Trail and Lakes Trail. You can also enjoy fishing, boating, and camping in nearby lakes and rivers. The city has plenty of parks and green spaces like the 100-acre Mooney Grove Park and the Kaweah Oaks Preserve, perfect for hiking and bird-watching.

6. Visalia’s growing job market

Visalia’s job market is on the rise, providing opportunities in various sectors like healthcare, education, and agriculture. The Kaweah Delta Medical Center and the College of the Sequoias are among the significant employers in the area. Additionally, the city’s agriculture sector is thriving, offering jobs in fields like farming and food processing.

Furthermore, Visalia’s location in the heart of California’s Central Valley puts it in proximity to major cities like Fresno and Bakersfield, providing more job opportunities for residents. The city also has a business-friendly environment, attracting new companies and industries to the area.

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