If you’re anything like us, you probably love the idea of transforming your living space into a cozy, stylish, and welcoming haven. However, the thought of home decor can often be overwhelming, especially if you’re working with a limited budget or feel like you lack the skills of an interior designer. The good news is that you don’t need to be a pro to create a beautiful home that reflects your personality and style.

With these simple home decor ideas, you can unleash your inner designer and transform your living space into a comfortable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing retreat. So, whether you’re looking for houses for sale in Duluth, MN, or are renting an apartment in Greenville, SC, read on for 25 simple home decor ideas from Redfin to help you transform your home. 

1. Before decorating, clean your home

For many people, the desire to revamp their living spaces is often hindered by the daunting task of tackling the dirt and grime that has accumulated over time. If this sounds like you, it’s important to prioritize cleaning as the first step towards achieving your redecorating goals.

“To start cleaning your home, break your space into sections and set a timer to make it more manageable,” says Janet Gomez, founder of Jan’s Spring. “Each day, focus on one section of the home, such as the kitchen or living room, and spend 30 minutes cleaning and decluttering,” she says. “By tackling small sections each day, you can make progress without feeling overwhelmed.”

2. Decluttering is also essential

Clutter is the other common culprit preventing people from redecorating their homes. Start by walking through your home with a box and packing it with items you no longer need. “When you’re done, put this box in a closet,” says Justin Riordan, founder of Spade and Archer. “Do this every year and only allow yourself to keep one box in the closet, donating everything else.” 

You can also use baskets to clear the clutter. “Keep a large, beautiful woven basket of some sort near the stairs on each level of your home,” recommends Kelly Egan, owner of Great Oak Haven. “Use them as drop boxes for clutter throughout the week, and every weekend, empty them.”

3. Start with your porch

Now that your home is clean and clutter-free, it’s time to start decorating. 

Porches are usually the first part of a house you see, so it’s important that they look polished and blend in with the rest of your home. There are many ways to decorate your porch, including seasonal lighting and comfortable seating. “You can also add planters for a complete look that will boost curb appeal,” suggests Lauren Klender, an interior designer with Lauren Ashley Interiors. “Another option is to switch out your doormat for a lighter color.”

If you’re getting ready for spring, spruce your porch up with flower pots made by local potters. “Stop by your local pottery studio and see what they have available,” advises the team at Moxie Blankets. “If they don’t have anything for sale, ask them to create you a custom piece,” they say. “This is a fun and unique way to make your porch more charming.” 

4. Showcase your personality

Letting your personality and lifestyle shine through in your home decor is a great way to create a welcoming and inviting space that reflects who you are. However, while it may be tempting to showcase your various interests and hobbies, it’s important to do so in a way that doesn’t create clutter and confusion. “Instead, design your home’s interior around your personality type,” recommends Justin Havre, Team Leader of Justin Havre & Associates. “Coordinate your items to create a cohesive look and theme instead of cluttering your living room with random belongings.” 

5. Adopt a new design style

If you’re looking to give your living space a complete makeover, it may be worth exploring new design styles that can breathe fresh life into your home.  According to Barbara Fava, owner of The Wandering Cloud, “Bohemian (boho) style is great for adding warmth to any room. Natural materials, vintage furniture in white, and bright tones such as dusty pink, cream, and light brown are all great places to start for a boho design,” she says. “Also, don’t forget to add a barbecue grill for your outdoor dining experiences.”

6. Redefine your space for the new season

If the seasons are changing, it can be the perfect time to refresh your living space and breathe new life into your home.. “Bring blossoming branches or fresh flowers to decorate your tables and foyers to embrace new life into your home,” recommends Sophia Smith from JANGEORGe. “When bringing plants into your space, think simple and don’t pick every flower and color you see,” she says. “Instead, select either a spectrum of whites and oranges or one color and compliment it with dusty greens and soft beiges.” 

7. Focus on your entry

Entryways are the first indoor area that people see, so updating it can make a big difference. C. Ashley Spencer, Principal and Lead Artist with Casart Coverings, suggests these simple ideas:

Add a fresh flower bouquet as the centerpiece on an entry stand.
Place a mirror behind a flower bouquet to double the colorful effect and reflect natural light.
Consider incorporating a fun wallpaper that ties together your first and second floors if you have stairs. Otherwise, add a peel-and-stick wall mural that you can enjoy seasonally.

8. Bring natural light inside

Maximizing natural light in your living space is a great way to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. To achieve this, open your drapes and shades during the day, allowing as much sunlight as possible to flood your home. “However, If your home is generally shaded year-round, try putting warm amber light bulbs into your lighting fixtures to create an inviting space,” Sara from Ambience Design Group suggests.

While natural light is lovely, sometimes you need to block it out. This is where attractive drapery can make a big difference. “Update your drapes to accommodate your window and ceiling height to add depth to your space,” advises Eden Chae, owner of Homestead Design +. “A light linen or simple and timeless pattern will create a more welcoming feeling,” she says. “Take your curtains to the ceiling to create the effect of larger, grander ceilings.” 

9. Brighten your home

An easy way to refresh your space is to make it feel brighter through color and texture. “Add pastel textiles and patterned pillows for a breezy effect,” says Nicole Lockwood, owner of Wow edesign. “You can also let more light inside by changing your curtains to a lighter fabric in a bright color.” 

Decor can help as well. “Add bright and bold accent pieces like a vibrant rug or vase, and incorporate sleek, modern designs with a wooden dining table or large plant stand,” encourages Jordan Krussell from Sell A Cow Furniture. “Get creative and have fun.”

10. Focus on accent colors

Incorporating decor randomly throughout your home can make it feel jumbled. You can help solidify your style by using the same two to three accent colors throughout each of your main living spaces.

“Another option is to use variations of one accent color as you move from room to room,” says Charlie Bolivare, owner of Charlie’s Designs. “For example, use various hues of blue as your accent color, like blue gray, navy blue, or sky blue,” he says. “You can use this trick to reinforce an accent color, pattern, texture, or shape throughout a room.”

11. Use simple plaid patterns

Black and white buffalo plaid works year-round and makes a great transition from winter to spring. “Adding plaid accents like a table runner or vase and pairing it with a pop of color, like green or yellow, can really liven up your space,” says Hannah from Always Hungry.

12. Incorporate flowers to help bring spring inside

As winter fades away, brighten up your home by bringing spring inside. “You can do this by including handmade vases from your local market or flowers from your garden,” suggests Deb Schwartzkopf, owner of Rat City Studios.

Flowers are another option that can make a significant impact. “They don’t even have to be expensive,” notes Heather Cleveland, owner of Heather Cleveland Design. “National retailers have local and seasonal flowers at very affordable prices,” she says.

Michelle Leatherman and Kelsey O’Brien, co-owners of MK Envision Galleries, recommend using prints to bring spring indoors. “Add to the spring vibe through floral or botanical art prints that you can pop into frames on your shelf or hang with magnetic wooden art hangers,” they say. 

13. Add an affordable pop of color

The smallest updates can have the most significant impact. “If you’re looking for an instant makeover in the bathroom, consider switching out your towels to add some that are yellow, green, or soft pink,” suggests Charlotte Riley from The Turkish Towel Company. “Beige and white are also great options for minimalist homes.  

Flowers are another way to add a pop of color. “You can create a stunning centerpiece by arranging flowers in a unique container, such as a vintage teapot or a DIY vase made of a repurposed mason jar wrapped in twine,” remarks Mathilde Boudard, owner of Brocante Ma Jolie. “Don’t be afraid to be creative with your arrangements.” 

You can add flowers throughout your home as well. “Whether it’s a kitchen shelf, an end table, or a windowsill, fresh plants liven up any area,” says Julia Walther, owner of Julia Walther Handmade Pottery

14. Switch out your pillow covers and art prints 

If you’re looking to refresh your home decor without making major changes, switching out your pillow covers and art prints can be a simple yet effective approach. This allows you to update your space with minimal effort and expense while creating a fresh and updated look. 

“A collection of pillow covers and art prints take up very little storage space, and the color refresh helps to brighten your home for the new season and many seasons to come,” notes Kristen Dwyer, owner of Oblique New York.

15. Change your rugs

Seasonally changing your wool rugs is a great way to revitalize your home. “As spring nears, put away darker colors that lend themselves better to fall and winter months and bring in hand-knotted Peshawar and Chobi rugs in softer colors,” recommends Mojan Bagha, owner of Main Street Oriental Rugs. “These types of rugs use the softer tones of natural vegetable dyes that provide a range of colors, from gentle neutrals to sweet pastels.” 

16. Choose lighter fabrics

Swapping out the fabric in your throw pillows and blankets is an easy and affordable way to freshen your home. “Instead of heavy fabrics like wool and velvet, choose lighter fabrics like silk and cotton,” advises Rasha Rizwan, Interior Designer with Mackenzie Collier Interiors. “Introducing pastel colors like baby blue, mint green, and blush pink in your accessories can also refresh your space.”

Kim Macumber, the owner of Kim Macumber Interiors, suggests removing heavy fabrics and using natural and light materials like sisal and cotton instead. “This helps freshen your space for sunny days,” she says. 

Bring light fabrics to your bedroom and bathroom as well. Switch your sheets and bedding to lightweight materials,” says Christian Lee (she/her), owner of Christian Lee Designs. “In your bathroom, add linen or Turkish towels to lighten the space and make things feel fresh.”

17. Incorporate large murals

Sometimes, your space needs a focal point. If this is true for you, a mural can be a great option. “Murals can refresh and transform your space,” says Drea from Susan Harter Muralpapers. “One with a peaceful landscape will bring nature into your home and is always in season.

Another option is to get a big, beautiful floral wallpaper mural. “Large floral murals can be an easy way to add a fresh vibe to your home,” remarks Adrienne Scanlan, founder and owner of About Murals. “Consider a mural with a watercolor effect like this one to add an extra layer of depth and texture to your walls.”

18. Consider investing in luxury nature photography

One way to add a focal point to your room is to purchase a fine art nature print. “A soothing, colorful, and highly detailed large-format fine art photographic artwork can stimulate your brain similarly to experiencing the great outdoors in person,” says Thomas Schoeller, owner of Thomas Schoeller Photography. “Use an art piece to rejuvenate your space and immerse yourself in nature.”

19. Mix up your decor with pottery

A simple and economical way to freshen up your decor is by making your own pottery. “You can make sets of mugs, plates, and bowls and group them on a table or shelf for instant visual appeal,” says Tammy Jo Schoppet, owner of EXPRESSivesArt. “You can even use mugs and teapots as makeshift vases for flowers or other seasonal decorations.”

If you don’t feel up to making your own pottery, you can at least paint some yourself. “Visit a plant store to buy one, or sign up for a class to make your own,” notes Dena Pearlman, Executive Director of Paint Your Own Pottery. “Incorporate hand-painted pottery throughout your home to add a unique touch of personality,” she says. “This can bring a sense of warmth and authenticity to your spaces and can be a great conversation starter with guests.”

20. Work ceramic into your space

Ceramic is a durable and customizable material that is great for all sorts of projects. “Custom ceramic vases are perfect items, including flowers and large plants, while ceramic coffee mugs can bring personality to your mornings,” encourages Emma Florence, owner of ENF Ceramics. “You can even make them yourself or commission them from a ceramics studio near you.”

You can also use ceramic to make a statement. “A striking vase can serve as a centerpiece and bring a touch of artistry and sophistication to any space,” says Liz Leong, co-owner of Saltstone Ceramics.

21. Use wood to add depth

The natural beauty and texture of wood can create a cozy and inviting ambiance, making it an ideal choice for furniture, flooring, and accent pieces. Whether you prefer the rustic charm of reclaimed wood or the sleek elegance of polished walnut, there are countless ways to use wood to enhance your home decor.

Susan Hill, owner of Susan Hill Interior Design, recommends adding  a pair of small swivel stools with a plinth wood base that offers additional seating in any room. “This is a great way to incorporate a wood element without feeling heavy or dominating the space.” she says

22. Don’t forget about your patio

Patios are a destination for relaxation and entertainment, so don’t forget about them. Start by bringing the indoors outside for a cohesive feel throughout your home,” suggests Meg Minicky, Lead Interior Designer with Olive + Opal Interiors. “While you’re enjoying your morning coffee or evening wine on your patio, make sure to have a throw blanket and pillows nearby for extra comfort.”  

Choose a stylish outdoor rug to compliment your interior vision if you have the space. “Outdoor Rugs offer an affordable option to spice up your porch, patio, or poolside oasis,” says Matthew Stump, President of Payless Rugs. “They provide color and texture and come in plenty of sizes to fit your unique space, balancing style and comfort.” 

23. Don’t ignore your cleaning supplies

Cleaning supplies don’t have to remain hidden behind a cupboard. “Make your cleaning supplies a stylish and accessible feature with an organized two-tiered basket,” recommends Mara Appel, Marketing Project Manager at Decocrated. “Once you incorporate an organizer, swap out your old cleaning products for new ones that will add a touch of sophistication to your home.” 

24. Keep your decor organized

As your styles change with the seasons, the decor can become overwhelming. To help, “store your seasonal decor in big labeled tubs,” suggests Rachel Balmforth, a broker with Cooper Realty LLC. “When the seasons switch, spend a day unpacking what you need for the new season and filling that space with decor from the previous season.”

25. Grow a garden tower

Garden towers are modular, self-watering, and self-fertilizing indoor gardening tools that efficiently bring the outdoors in. “They’re also gorgeous pieces of art that double as centerpieces for any room,” says Kim Nadel, owner of Gaia Inspired. “All you need is an outlet and a little time.”

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